Micro and nanoscale materials offer tremendous advantages and opportunities for various applications. The focus of BEAM-Lab is to advance the research on advanced materials with tunable properties. Our highly interdisciplinary approach involves addressing the fundamental issues on the role of tumor mechanical state and tumor relapse. Current and future research include understanding nanoscale level interactions between graphene nanoscrolls, carbon nanotubes, and polymers. Using a combination of polymer processing, high-resolution microscopy, and imaging at the nanoscale level, BEAM-lab involves graduate and undergraduate students to advance cutting edge research on cancer, biomaterials, and nanostructured materials.

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Ongoing Research Projects

Our ongoing research span multidisciplinary fields such as nanotechnology, polymer processing, chemical engineering, tissue engineering, and advanced materials. Our field of applications is bone and cancer tissue engineering, nanotechnology, high-temperature, and high-performance tunable polymer nanocomposites, and biodegradable polymers.

Future Research Projects

We are interested in fabricating novel biomimetic and nanomaterials for advanced applications such as tissue engineering, cancer research, and high-performance polymer nanocomposites. We utilize state-of-the-art techniques such as nanoindentation and high-resolution electron microscopy to understand the structure-property-function relationship of various materials. We are also in pursuit to fundamentally understand the architecture of novel carbon-based nanomaterial; graphene nanoscrolls to modulate the physical and biological properties of specialty polymers.

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